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Stay right where you are and address hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously be it a call-to-action, a stockholders meeting, an international yoga seminar. Dream big. Integrate multimedia to create more a more powerful presentation. Single out a participant for a two-way audio/video conversation during the event. Prime Time Media’s webcasting services include pre-production, video […]

Digital Media Tours

As the Internet expands, so do we. Countless Internet aficionados are hosting programs without the constraints of maintaining ratings and with the freedom the web provides. Long-time television viewers are ditching their sets and streaming content without being tied to the climbing monthly fees of broadcast and cable television. With Prime Time Media’s relationships and […]

Radio Media Tours

Just like a satellite media tour, a radio tour can take you around the world and back without leaving home. Some of our clients have done their best tours from their favorite easy chair. Modern technology was designed to offer freedom to do your work anywhere, at any time without restrictions. We assist you with […]

Satellite Media Tours

How can you be in two places at once … and make your impact felt in all over the world…in just a few hours…without leaving home? It’s not cloning. It’s a satellite media tour from Prime Time Media. We analyze, strategize, coordinate, map and place you in the perfect locations to move you from where […]