Prime Time Media is one of the most trusted organizations in the industry. We’ve learned a little something from our 25 years in the business. As producers at the highest rated network morning and late night programs, we know how producers think and what they want. We work with the world’s most highly regarded media partners to ensure a seamless satellite broadcast even in the face of breaking news or natural disaster. We garner the largest audience and amass the most media impressions. That’s our job.

We analyze, strategize, coordinate, map and place you in the perfect locations to make the biggest impact from where you are to where you want to be. We upload your audio and video via satellite and oversee transmission to ensure not a nanosecond of interruption occurs while you communicate to millions simultaneously all over the world.

With longstanding relationships with decision-makers in television, radio and the internet, we position you for success. We get you the best media placement for your message and within your budget.