3 Simple Steps to Send Out your Press Release for Free.

You should be sending out press releases on a consistent basis. With this tip, you can continually do it yourself for free.

  1. Go online and visit your local media sites and copy their emails and first names into an Excel sheet.
  2. Next, go to MailChimp, which is a free email marketing service, and create an account. Add your mailing list of local and national media reporters that you wish to send your releases to. Now you can build your release complete with all of your contact information into an email, and send it to every reporter on your list.
  3. Once you submit your release, MailChimp allows you to see which recipients opened your email. This allows you to follow up with certain reporters of interest to determine if they need any additional quotes or details for their story regarding your release. What you’re really doing here is driving more attention to you and your story.

Make these three simple steps part of your regular routine, adding as many reporters as you would like in the future.