Get Your Story in the News

You have exciting news to share about your company, but how do you get the word out? One of the most effective strategies is to create and distribute a press release. With an attention-grabbing HEADLINE title and NEWS ANGLE, your company news can be shared with the right audience at the right time.

Your press release isn’t going to do anything for you unless you can get it in front of people who will cover it. That’s why we recommend eReleases, which can distribute your release via the Associated Press and PR Newswire networks, as well as their own network of sites. They’re the lowest cost way we’ve found to get AP wire distribution, for small business owners and get your press release in front of journalists.

Try to tie in relevant news from the current news cycle.

First and foremost, the press release itself needs to be composed as being “newsworthy.” Marketing and advertising are what you as a company say about yourself, and press is what others say or reprint about you. The release should have some kind of news or official announcement perspective that allows a journalist to see if the subject matter is relevant to their beat of reporting. Before putting out the release, also consider the current news cycle and if the announcement has some relevance in current reporting.

Come up with a compelling story

Not every business is exciting to everyone. It can be harder to get media coverage working in sanitation than it can in celeb gossip. But just because it is harder doesn’t make it impossible. Be creative in the way you approach the ordinary aspects of your niche industry. Take your time thinking outside the box. Find something or someone interesting to talk about – especially if it involves other people. Don’t talk about yourself.

Use an online distribution service.

As a reseller of top-tier distribution services such as PRNewswire, releases allows small businesses to get their story on many major websites for a modest one-time fee. They also have highly attentive support for customers new to PR.

Build relationships with journalists that cover your industry.

While newswires and online distribution platforms can help increase visibility, it’s also critical that you distribute your press release to an actual media list. The key is to identify and target journalists that cover your industry, and get your news in front of them. The goal of media relations is that you’re not always having to approach the media, but that the media recognizes your authority in your industry and proactively approaches you for feature stories, interviews, commentary, and other opportunities.